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General questions about Elysator

Expected lifetime of anodes

Warranty 2 years, if there are no chemicals in the system ( if any chemicals we recomend to change water to keep warranty). Normal estimated lifetime is 5-7 years.

Pressure / temperature

Elysator is working under most common pressures and temperatures normal design ( for the pressure vessel) is 90`c and 6 bars. Other pressure and temperatures up on request

What about chemicals

Elysator is ment to replace / substitute chemicals , however if chemicals are present the anodes will be worn out faster

Glycol / antifreeze

Elysator has no effect on the Glycol itself, only on the inhibitors added to the glycol.

Potable water

Elysator can be used on potable water ( preferably hot potable), but then there is required to have a circulation (line)

Steam plants

Yes , can be used, however we do nedd to know amount of water in the system and also amount of feed water, and working hours a day.

Chilled water

Yes, however cold water react slower therefore we recommend to use oversized elysators.

Does Elysator replace traditional microbubble de-air ators

Elysator Trio series do replace traditional air scavengers , however in larger plants from2 m3( volume and above) the Elysator is installed in a bypass so it will work slower to scavenge air . but in the long run yes ,

Where should the Elysator be installed

Lowest possible in the system ( where sludge will normally sediment) and a place where all water will pass (typical in a by pass over the main circulation pump)


Peridodical draining of sludge in the beginning, later once a year.

Environmental issues


Electrical connections

No electrical connections