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About IWTM

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International Water Treatment Maritime AS

IWTM AS was founded in 1992 with head office in Asker, Norway. Our main activity is nonchemical water treatment of any fresh water system to prevent corrosion. This is achieved by installing "ELYSATOR" in the different heating, cooling and steam generating systems in the industrial, housing and marine applications. Elysator water treatment will keep such systems in exeptionally good condition using the principle of anodic/cathodic protection. In the wake of increased awareness among operators, and regulatory pressure, IWTM offers solutions for bilge water, salt water, ballast water, emulsified water in oils, grey/black water, cooling water and water for steam production, in addition to various tools for monitoring water standards onboard/on site.

History. The ELYSATOR Company

ELYSATOR is a Swiss product (reg. trademark) with more than 30 years of experience and with thousands of installations in all kinds of systems. (Industry, hospitals, private housing, food processing etc.) The first maritime installations were made in 1994. And now, thousands of Elysators has been successfully installed on vessels worldwide. In 1971, Heinrich Rickenbach, a Zürich-based engineer, who had been working predominantly on cathodic corrosion protection for boilers and water storage facilities since the 1960s, founded a public limited company, ELYSATOR AG. The main impetus for setting up the company came from an innovative new technology that he had developed for corrosion protection in heating systems. In the early years, the ELYSATOR system had to establish itself against alternatives such as chemical water conditioning and the division of systems but, in the mid 1980s, its high operational reliability and relatively low running cost and maintenance ensured its big breakthrough in Switzerland. Growing business activities led to a friendship with Jan Rolf Ebbestad from Norway, a chief engineer and inspector at DNV. It was his vision to explore the maritime market with the technology of ELYSATOR because he had rated it to be more efficient and environmental friendly than the commonly used chemicals. Thanks to his endeavor the 1990's saw the signing of partnership agreements with maritime agencies around the world as well as the founding of branches in Singapore and the United States. Our equipment is now supplied worldwide for domestic and offshore use on transport ships, passenger ships and oil platforms.

Some of our customers

- ARAD U.S. Dept. of Transportation Maritime Administration
- Washington State Ferries
- British Columbia Ferries
- Inter-Island Ferry, Alaska
- Westward Fishing Company
- Glacier Fish Company
- American Seafood
- The Boat Company
- American Eagle
- Barber Moss Ship Mgmt
- Dakota Creek Industries
- Arctic Wind
- Mt. Mitchell (Research)
- Crystal Cruise Line
- Holland-America Cruise Line
- Princess Cruise Lines
- Princess Cruises
- Royal Caribbean Cruises
- Carnival Cruises
- Norwegian Cruise Line
- Bergesen DY ASA
- Odfjell ASA
- National Iranian Tankers
- Wallenius Marine
- V-Ship
- Star Cruises
- Wilh.Wilhelmsen
- IMC Singapore
- Tanker Pacific Management
- Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Ctr, Seattle
- Sea-Tac International Airport
- Washington State Capitol
- City of Edmonds
- Darigold
- Seattle Children's Hospital
- St. Peter Hospital,
- Olympia, WA
- St. Mary Medical Center,
- Walla Walla, WA
- Forsmark Nuclear powerplant
- Wartsila powerplants Azores
- Oslo airport Gardermoen
- Hotels, hospitals and schools (all over Scandinavia)
- Svalbard Island
- And Rocketbase
- Telenor AS (Norway largest officebuilding, 26 systems.)
- Officee Buildings (all over Scandinavia)
- Royal Norwegian Defense Ministery (Airports, navy bases, officebuildings etc.....)
- Among 800/900 installations in Scandinavia